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Fed up with stereotypes and only hearing one side of the story?
Do you prefer to escape tourist-only places and see how the city really lives?

Get to know Belgrade inside out with our walking tours. The Inside Out team is made up of experts in different fields who share an enthusiasm for Belgrade, its rich history, its colorful present and its hopefully bright future. The team leader, Vladimir Dulović, is a historian specialized in the history of Belgrade who has worked with visitors to Belgrade for many years. He is also the author of best selling travel guides on Belgrade and Serbia. Together with his team, he will try to answer all of your questions!

We won't show you only the tourist highlights but also the places and sights that real people who live here visit. No sugar-coated stories but real Belgrade, with all its good and bad sides.

Learn why not all locals are happy with St Sava's Church, how the Great War Island got its name, how and when the mosques of Ottoman Belgrade disappeared, which streets the locals can't stand or what the problems are with our public transport. Let us guide you through what changes in Belgrade at a furious tempo and what seems seemingly unchanged. Get another angle to the well known sights and see the hidden corners of this bustling metropolis.


vladimirdulovicBelgrade born and raised, I started roaming around the blocks of my neighborhood since I was in primary school, exploring backyards, broadening horizons and learning how much more there is to this city than what first meets the eye. In that way I got intensely interested to learn how history shaped the street plan, façades, people or even cuisine of Belgrade. Perhaps it was this interest that led me to obtain bachelors degree in Belgrade University and then MA in Central European history in Budapest.

In the meantime I got involved in tourism wishing to cut through stereotypes and prejudices and introduce the tourists to the real Belgrade and Serbia with all its great and not so great sides. Since I love Belgrade a lot I reserve the right to be also very critical about it, especially when it comes to little things that could be easily improved. However, through my daily contact with foreign visitors I have also learned what are Belgrade's good sides and these I will proudly point out to you. After writing several tourist guidebooks I became a licensed guide and started doing tours. Apart from history and tourism my other passions are architecture, urban development, art history, wine, hiking, cycling, and ecology. I don't want you just to see Belgrade and Serbia, I want you to understand it, to leave with a wish to explore further its rich history, heritage, customs or nature. So, come and enjoy Belgrade with someone who knows it inside out and takes great pleasure in presenting every little detail of it to his guests!